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DPO Spotlight: Janeth Kwilasa

September 28, 2022

DPO Spotlight: Janeth Kwilasa

September 28, 2022

For the latest series of DPO Spotlight, we spoke to Janeth Kwilasa – Country Sales Manager, Tanzania, and her sales Team.

The Tanzania Team focuses on business development and generating sales prospects within the Tanzanian market. The three leading industries in the Tanzanian market is: 

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They are a dedicated and driven group of people. Whose aim is to grow the business, promote the brand strategically and provide you with the best solution to help your business grow. This is why Team Tanzania is a fitting feature for this month’s DPO Spotlight.

We spoke to Janeth, Country Sales Manager – Tanzania

Describe your role in the Team? 

My role in the Team is to oversee all activities, decide how to approach tasks, and develop a plan to accomplish them. I am also responsible for coaching and guiding the Team towards achieving their set goals. 

How does your Team contribute to the larger company?  

As a small Team in a large market, my Team take on the responsibility to do every day what is required of them with passion and commitment to get things done. By doing so, work gets done faster, making the overall business operate more efficiently. 

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What keeps you motivated, and how do you motivate your Team?  

Every day at DPO Group brings something new and different, which is exciting. Learning about innovative technology and solutions that work and make an impact in this industry and customers’ lives is motivating. I motivate my Team by encouraging them to participate fully by inviting their input and suggestions on how to do things better, asking questions, listening to their answers, and, whenever possible, implementing their solutions. 

If you have one piece of advice, what would it be?  

The world is bigger than you think, and your worries are not as important as you think. Just be you. 

Meet Team Tanzania, who loves seeing your business grow

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