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DPO Spotlight: Mary – Country Sales Manager, Kenya

July 29, 2022

DPO Spotlight: Mary – Country Sales Manager, Kenya

July 29, 2022

For this month’s DPO Spotlight, we spoke to Mary our Country Sales Manager in Kenya and her sales Team. The Nairobi Team focuses on business development and generating sales prospects within the Kenyan market.

Get to know our on-the-ground sales Team in Nairobi, Kenya. They are an energetic, dedicated, and driven group whose aim is to grow the business and strategically promote the brand. This is why Team Kenya is a fitting feature for the first in our DPO Spotlight series.

We spoke to Mary: 

What does your Team do?

As sales Team Kenya, we educate and offer the DPO Pay solutions that support prospective businesses to grow by enabling them to receive and get paid online.

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How does your Team contribute to the larger company?

I have an awesome Team that embraces teamwork. Through collaboration with other divisions within the company, we provide the best-fitted solutions for our merchants. Being open and honest with a positive intent has driven the Team to excel through interactions with Team members. Together, we can craft innovative solutions that best serve our merchants.

What keeps you motivated, and how do you motivate your Team?

The desire to meet a deadline and a happy and fulfilled customer.

When it comes to the Team, I encourage a positive and self-reliant environment in the goals. They are communicated, and I let the Team figure out the best way to achieve them and promote teamwork through inviting inputs and suggestions on how things can be done better and, where possible, implement their solution.

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If you have one piece of advice, what would it be?

“Whatever you do, do it well.” Walt Disney

This always has a ripple effect in promoting excellence creating an expansion from all points within the business set-up where the impact is always felt and promotes limitless expansion.

Meet our Nairobi Sales Team members, and learn who they are, what they do and why they love seeing your business grow.

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