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DPO Case Studies

Case Study Safari Tour Operator Business Growth Through Online Payments

A leader in tours and travel, this safari tour company combines their extensive experience and drive for exploration to offer journeys in destinations such as Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya.

Through their safari packages, they take vacationers from all over the world on a breathtaking date with the African wilderness, led by professional safari guides, rangers, trackers, and ground handlers.


Payment processing for this safari operator was a challenge for a couple of reasons:

The limitation of payment types was costing them business. The operator would only accept payments made via bank transfer to offshore accounts, raising concerns for international visitors.
The fast-paced evolution of payment solutions, and accompanying security concerns created hesitation for the agency. It was clear that an expansion of their payment options was crucial, but the payment processing solutions they encountered were growing quickly, making them unsuitable for a business of their size. They also struggled to find the right solution with the right security protocols in place to give them and their customers – peace of mind.
Ultimately, they sought a solution that was secure, trustworthy, and accommodating of the payment method preferences of their clients.


In January 2017, the operator adopted DPO’s email payments solution. This gave them an easy-to-implement solution that was secure and credible, while processing all of their payments. DPO’s offering was able to address all of their concerns, which led to a significant improvement in internal efficiency, customer satisfaction, and relieving strains from the booking and travel experience for their clients.


DPO’s email transaction platform works by allowing the tour operator to send a payment link via email to their clients, anywhere in the world. Essentially the email functions as an electronic invoice, allowing customers to use a variety of payment methods – such as credit, debit, or prepaid cards, mobile money, or eWallets – and currencies. The customer information is transmitted securely through the system, and all relevant booking information such as name, reference numbers, and dates are recorded for the operator.


As a result of moving from bank transfers to DPO’s email transaction solution, this safari tour company has been able to securely receive and process over $120,000 with relative ease. As illustrated in the chart below, the company reported a 61% growth in transaction volume from 2017 to 2018 – and the numbers are only in from the first half of this year!

By listening to the needs of their customers, the operator was able to increase transactions volume and client satisfaction. They found a solution that addressed the pain points of their visitors, while also keeping in line with the needs and structure of their business.

DPO’s system is easy to use, both for merchants and customers; an important element which increase user satisfaction on both ends. The result has proven to increase business turnover and cut down costs in payment management.