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Fraud Prevention Services

Ultramodern Technology to

Protect you Against Fraud

Our state-of-the-art fraud prevention technology and risk management services help to protect your business around the clock.

Advanced Online

Payment Security

Real-Time Risk Monitors

DPO’s data-driven fraud infrastructure monitors and compares your live transactions to global negative card data, catching fraud before it strikes your business.

No More Unnecessary Chargebacks

With less fraud on your account, you’ll have fewer refund-related losses and more funds to allocate where your business needs it most.

Around the Clock Fraud Monitoring

Peace of mind knowing that ultramodern fraud protection engines monitor your transactions in real-time.

Our Specialist Risk Team Has You Covered

Safety and security are our number one priority. Rest assured that our specialised and experienced risk team uses the most advanced risk management systems to keep your money safe from fraudsters.

Smart Pattern Identification

Our risk management systems constantly search for and identify dodgy patterns, stopping potential fraudsters in their tracks.

Real-Time Payment Confirmation

DPO verifies the security of every single online payment processed through our system in real-time.

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