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QR Codes are Becoming More Popular in Africa

June 27, 2017

QR Codes are Becoming More Popular in Africa

June 27, 2017

You are probably familiar with quick-response codes, otherwise known as QR codes. Thanks to increasing mobile phone usage in Africa, these black and white, two-dimensional bar codes are rising in popularity. This technology has multiple benefits for merchants in the travel industry, presenting innovative marketing opportunities, and the ability to offer a quick, secure transaction process to customers. For tour operators, taxi companies, restaurants and hotels alike, QR codes can help strengthen bonds with customers.

Let’s have a closer look at the ways QR codes can benefit your business:

Speedy and secure transactions

Using QR codes means none of the hassle associated with handling cash. Transactions are faster, and safer. Let’s take taxi drivers as an example. If you are a taxi driver, carrying around large quantities of cash, you are vulnerable to theft. By promoting the fact that you use QR codes, attempted robbery becomes a thing of the past. The transaction process is also significantly faster, so you can spend more time picking up passengers, and less time counting coins. Customers will be pleased with the smooth payment process, too.

Direct Pay Online’s mobile payment app, DumaPay, has QR code functionality, allowing customers to choose their preferred payment method and make a payment in a few simple steps. As Direct Pay Online is PCI DSS level 1 certified, the payment process is extremely secure. This means that customer payment information is safe, and your business is protected from fraud.

New marketing possibilities

Use QR codes to provide your customers with up-to-date, interactive information about the services you offer. Tour operators, for example, could print QR codes on their flyers, linking to videos of various destinations and encouraging interested individuals to book a tour. Alternatively, the QR code could take the interested customer directly to a booking page.

Restaurants can share updated menus, coupons, and specials via QR codes. Introducing an element of mystery can persuade someone to scan a code and increase interest in your services. You could feature a QR code in one of your print advertisements, urging people to “scan the QR code for a surprise dessert”.

QR codes can also be used to promote your social media accounts. Instead of having to search online, a customer could use a QR code that directs them straight to your Facebook page, allowing you to build your followers and engage more customers online.

You can track the number of people who have scanned a QR code. These figures are a valuable source of insight into the success of your marketing campaigns.

No additional charges

When you use QR codes to accept payments, there’s no need for a traditional point-of-sale, and no associated transaction fees. This minimizes your expenses, so you can take more profit home. Marketing with QR codes is equally inexpensive – all you need to do is share the QR codes with your customers. Customers can use free apps on their smartphones to scan the codes.

QR codes themselves can be created online inexpensively, or even for free. Print them on your business cards, receipts, brochures, or menus, for more engagement opportunities, at no extra cost.

Enhanced customer service

There are many benefits of QR codes for customers. Use the codes to enhance customer service, by minimizing the need for assistance from members of staff. As some customers are able to use QR codes to answer their enquiries, lines are shorter for those that still wish to speak to someone in person.

In a restaurant, the customer could use a QR code printed on a restaurant receipt to pay the bill without assistance from a server.

At a hotel, QR codes can be placed in elevators, on guest room cards, or in the lobby. They can be used to order room service or to answer frequently asked questions, without guests having to go to the reception desk for help.  A QR code strategically placed near the hotel room door can be used for easy checkout, and it can even be used to lead customers to a site where they can leave reviews or comments about their stay.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to promote your business, or an easy way to accept payments, QR codes are a useful and efficient solution. Start including QR codes in your business strategy and experience the benefits for yourself.

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