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Savvy Payment Platform Features

Because We Love
To See You Grow

We developed functional features around our payment platform to help you to pay or get paid. Why? Because we love to see you grow.

Action Bulk Payments in One Go With

Batched Card Transactions

Our batched payment functionality lets you accept recurring or subscription payments by manually submitting a file for bulk payment processing.

Quick Access to Business

Funding to Support
Your Growth

As an existing DPO Merchant, you can keep your cash flow healthy with quick access to personalized funding of up to $8000. Use your Easy Advance for renovations, marketing, business expansion or use wherever your business needs it most.

Bypass Settlement Cycles and

Access Your Funds
with Card Issuing

Bypass settlement cycles and get early access to funds by making an inter-account transfer from your DPO Pay Account to your Virtual Card.

Alternatively, access funds instantly with real-time settlement to your DPO Card.

*T&C’s apply

Accept Foreign Payments Using

Dynamic Currency Conversions

Show your shoppers a familiar currency when paying online using DPO’s dynamic currency conversion. Allow customers to pay in their local currency, USD, GBP, EUR, and others.

*You get billed in your preferred currency.

Fraud Prevention Services

Ultramodern Technology to
Protect you against Fraud

Our state-of-the-art online fraud prevention technology and risk management systems help to protect your business around the clock.

With a DPO Card

You Get Settled in Real-Time

Quickly access newly acquired funds, settled in real-time to your DPO Card. When a customer pays you via DPO, your money gets disbursed to you on the same day, in real-time.

*Only available in Kenya and Tanzania.

Let Shoppers Make

Part Payments to
Pay off the Total Value

Lay-by payments make for a convenient shopping experience allowing your customer to split their total amount due. You define a payment time limit, while your shopper gets to split their payments across multiple payment methods.

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