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The Benefits of Using QR Code 

May 16, 2024

QR Code - Easy Scan Blog Banner
QR Code - Easy Scan Blog Banner

The Benefits of Using QR Code 

May 16, 2024

Many businesses look for simple ways to improve the customer experience at every sales funnel point. QR code(s) are one of the tools that can help improve your business-customer interaction to enhance revenue, especially with the continued push for a cashless society.

QR codes are an excellent way to integrate digital payment gateways into companies and help expand their scope of sales, making it faster and more secure. Since its inception, global QR code payment markets have grown exponentially and are expected to grow by 16.9% from 2023 to 2030 due to smartphone usage. 

If your business wants to tap into the potential for contactless payment solutions, keep reading to learn more about our QR code payment solution. 

What is a QR Code, and How Does it Work? 

QR codes, called Quick Response codes, are two-dimensional barcodes that store data about products or services, merchants, and payment methods. Once scanned, the encoded information is instantly available to customers or initiates particular actions like instant payment. 

QR Code Payment 

To make a QR code payment, customers have to scan the code using a QR reader or a scanner. Today, many people use their smartphones to scan QR codes. Using the smartphone camera, customers can quickly scan the code and get redirected to input their payment details instantly for a faster and more secure purchase. Unique QR codes are then generated after any purchase or service. 

Benefits of Using QR Code Payment Systems for Your Business 

Here are a few ways that QR codes can help improve payment in a business: 

1. Fast and Easy Transactions 

You only need your smartphone to scan the QR code for payment. However, you can use QR scanning apps if your phone lacks the capability. 

Our QR codes offer an easy and seamless way for customers to checkout or pay for services in an organisation. Customers can complete their purchases by scanning the unique codes using their mobile devices or apps and getting redirected to a swift payment experience, enhancing your business’s efficiency. 

2. Enhanced Security and Transparency 

Our QR code payment systems offer enhanced security, protecting your personal information. The codes do not store sensitive personal information but only link to the customer’s payment platform. Our state-of-the-art system encrypts the payment data without sharing personal information. 

You are guaranteed secure and reliable transactions without data breaches throughout the payment process. 

3. Easily Customisable 

Get the best payment versatility system for your business. The QR code solutions are flexible for various payment options and platforms. Due to their adaptability, enterprises can accommodate a variety of client preferences and payment options. 

4. Better User Experience 

Faster and easy payment processing enhances your customer’s experience. Our Easy Scan allows customers to quickly and easily navigate the payment process. Our user-friendly interface offers an intuitive experience throughout the transaction, enhancing customer satisfaction.

5. Cost-Friendly 

Improved payment security at an affordable cost. Our QR solution integrates with different devices at your point of sale (POS), including tablets, smartphones, or dedicated POS terminals. There is no need to make a significant hardware investment that might break your wallet. 

6. No Integration  

Begin utilising the solution as soon as you complete onboarding. If you are a current DPO Pay merchant, request to be enrolled in our Easy Scan service. Our skilled staff assures a seamless transition to the solution.

We are dedicated to offering comprehensive onboarding, assisting you in understanding how Easy Scan works and why it is the perfect choice for your business. 

7. Improved Sales and Marketing 

Foster better customer engagement and loyalty using our QR code solutions. Additionally, our QR code systems can be helpful in marketing, even during payment. Businesses can also leverage the codes’ ability to hold information, promoting personalised offers or loyalty rewards at your point of sale. 

Get started today! Use our Easy Scan solution for your business.

Our QR Code Payment Services Across Different Industries 

QR codes are an integral tool to enhance business-customer interaction. Here are some industries that can benefit from our Easy Scan solutions: 

1. E-Commerce Stores 

E-commerce stores can use our QR code system for seamless checkouts. With the increased access to Internet services, there has been a rapid increase in online shopping. Most shoppers can easily buy products online and get them shipped directly to their doorstep. 

Our Easy Scan simplifies the checkout process for customers. Instead of going through multiple steps during purchase, with a quick QR code scan, customers can complete their transaction with a few taps. 

2. Hospitality Industry 

Easy Scan gives restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc., a competitive edge by improving customer experience. By streamlining the payment process, guests have more indulging encounters. Using their smartphones, customers can quickly scan and pay for their meals without needing cash or physical contact during payment. 

Additionally, faster payment processing also means better efficiency. Our QR code solutions eliminate the need to handle cash transactions and improve the turnover time to serve more clients. 

3. Retail Stores 

Retail store owners can use our QR code POS to improve their profitability and efficiency. Traditional payment methods like ATM cards or cash transactions often cause long queues and delays during checkout. However, our Easy Scan codes ensure a faster checkout experience, meaning clients can be served quickly. 

Retail stores can also take advantage of the versatility of our QR codes by incorporating loyalty programs. Customers can use their QR codes to enroll in loyalty programs and earn and redeem points at the store. 

4. Logistics Operations 

Incorporating Easy Scan into logistical operations helps streamline the payment process for their clients and customers. Our QR code solutions offer a quick and convenient way to enhance payment transactions. Your logistics business can generate a unique code for payment requests, invoices, and purchase orders, enhancing payment cycles. 

In a Nutshell 

DPO’s Easy Scan solution is the perfect addition to enhance your business’ payment methods. With faster and more secure transactions, you can rest easy knowing your customers have a frictionless experience while preventing data breaches throughout the process. If you want a powerful asset for your POS system, click here to get started.

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