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Online Zanzibar: The Hub for Zanzibar Tourism Companies

May 21, 2015

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East African tourism has a new player in town: Online Zanzibar (https://www.online-zanzibar.com/). Launched by 3G Direct Pay Limited, Online Zanzibar is an epicenter of tourism information, where travel businesses can find industry news, share insights, and find opportunities for partnerships.

The site provides a community forum for all travel-related businesses in Zanzibar where they can discuss e-commerce, tourism, online payments, fraud prevention and more. The new site helps businesses connect with similar enterprises in the region to establish relationships, develop partnerships, share business opportunities, and exchange ideas.

To help ease the way for such an ongoing exchange, members of Online Zanzibar will have access to a comprehensive business directory to enable them to easily and effectively source other businesses in the area. The site will also serve as a base to reach a far wider B2B audience in the international travel industry. Users will have access to agents, airlines, hotels, tour operators, general vendors, and other important stakeholders around the world.  Businesses are able to promote themselves through online advertising campaigns, presenting special offers, highlighting services, and providing other resources, such as industry developments and information.

An online bulletin board, Online Zanzibar provides a platform to communicate directly with other members, creating an open dialog of information exchange. Members can post general topics for others to comment on and reach out to specific individuals to discuss business opportunities, specific needs, and resources.

Feel free to peruse the Online Zanzibar website at your convenience, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter!

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