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Monthly News Round Up – November 2015

December 12, 2015

Monthly News Round Up – November 2015

December 12, 2015

Hey Travel Partner,

The year is almost over and your guest books are almost full. They have paid online, it’s all going great… But, are you prepared for 2016?
Welcome to our November news round up; Learn about the global travel industry trends for 2016, about chargebacks. For desert collect some travel tips about Tanzania & Kenya.

Global Trends for the Travel Industry in 2016

2015 was a great year for the travel industry, displaying an almost 5% increase in global travel…. Here are some trend predictions and recommendations for 2016. Click Here to get ready for next year.

Everything You Need to Know About Chargebacks

Types of Chargebacks
Merchants accepting online and mobile payments are constantly concerned about credit card fraud and chargebacks. Click Here to learn how to apply an anti-chargebacks tool set.

6 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Tanzania

We Are often asked what are the best traveling locations in all the countries we work in. What are the must sees? So we decided to dedicate a blog post to exploring Tanzania. Click Here to explore Tanzania through the eyes of your customers.

Not-to-Miss Destinations When Traveling In Kenya

Speaking of must sees. We didn’t feel like leaving Kenya unmentioned. Click Here to see breath taking destinations that will make you see the country differently.

Company Updates

How The Network Grew This Year
Our network keeps growing as we strive to more of your partners on board while expanding your business community. This year we saw over 800 providers join the 3G Direct Pay Network,.. from Airlines, Travel Agents, tour operators, Hotels, Lodges to online shops. Click Here to see the full list of those you can PAY and get PAID by, using Easy Payments Powered by the xPay Network.

Celebrate The Festive Season With Your Friends

Let your friends enjoy the same freedom you get from paying and getting paid from anywhere, anytime! Bring your friends to join the 3G Direct Pay network.

Click Here to refer a friend and they will enjoy a 50% discount on the setup fees.

Easy Settlement
With the busy festive season, get your funds settled the Easy way!!! Imagine the convenience of a Prepaid MasterCard where you:

  • Get your funds at real-time.
  • Withdraw your money from ATMs anywhere.
  • Shop both online and offline with the card.

Take advantage of the end year offer on the Pre-Paid master card. Get a $50 BONUS when you receive $100 in funds by January 31st 2016. Click Here to sign up.

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