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Easy Advance

December 19, 2018

Easy Advance

December 19, 2018

Does You Business Qualify for an Easy Advance?

DPO aims to help businesses grow and evolve through understanding, support, and essential features for both brick-and-mortar and online businesses. Sometimes a business is poised to grow, but lacks the funds to support the next step. That’s where the Easy Advance product comes in. 

Easy Advance is a cash advance available to merchants who need funds for product or business development, investment, or marketing. It is an instant cash offering between $500 and $8,000, and allows merchants to direct this money to the growth of their business.

 Reasons for merchant requests for DPO Easy Advance include:

Off-season repairs – The low season is a perfect time for property repairs, but cash flow can be tight while merchants await the next tourism boom. Easy Advance can provide extra cash for painting, renovations, and facilities repairs.

Vehicle maintenance – Tour companies know well that the cost of repairing vehicles can be burdensome, and a loan can help with unexpected maintenance and tune-ups.

Restaurant or hotel upgrades – Easy Advance can provide extra funds for things like new linens, upgrades to amenities, and guest spaces to improve their experience.

Marketing campaigns – Another option is to take a loan to directly help generate more revenue for the business. Digital and print marketing campaigns are a great place to invest Easy Advance funds.

The terms for bank loans can be very restrictive, barring many merchants in need from access to funds. With Easy Advance, those who have been registered and transacting with DPO for a year are eligible for a loan. The loan amount is determined based on the merchant’s transaction volume.

With quick approval, applicants receive confirmation swiftly, eliminating the time otherwise spent waiting in anticipation. Once approved, merchants are free to use the funds for business purposes. The application link is within the DPO system, leading to a simple form to request funds. For more information, see here. Applicants are notified within 24 hours of their approval, and funds are transferred into their DPO account within 48 hours.

When it it time to repay the loan, it is as easy as receiving the money to begin with. Merchants get to choose their repayment percentage and length of contract, and these funds are applied to future transaction fees.

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