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Introduction to DPO Pay

June 20, 2022

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Getting your customers to pay online has never been easier & safer than before with DPO Pay. Whether you’re a small business owner or a 500-strong global name, if you’re bringing products directly to the consumer, your business has probably added an online sales element in the last 2 years & having a secure payment gateway has been a big part of your digital transformation journey.

These days, bringing everything to your customer has become the norm & businesses who adapt their models are the ones who truly set themselves up to thrive. A functional payment solution to help you pay or get paid is integral to the success of any business that is looking to grow. That’s where DPO Pay comes in.

What it’s all about

DPO Pay is a secure payment gateway that makes it easy for businesses to accept credit & debit cards, mobile money transfers, and cross-border currencies anywhere and in real-time. We offer businesses of all sizes the solution, the technology, the opportunity, and the support to make and receive online payments wherever and whenever they want.

How does it work?

Just as any good supplier, we also give you a range of ways to get you paid (or pay).

– Your customers can easily make payments online on your eCommerce website

– You can send your customers a link to pay via online invoicing

– You can choose from a number of useful add-ons that may work for your business which include facilitation of bulk payments, business funding, settlement plans, accepting foreign payments, and more.

How does it benefit your business?

Ultimately, DPO Pay helps businesses make and receive business payments quickly and securely and allows enterprises to trade locally, across borders, and internationally.

Having a digital platform that accepts payments online can ultimately improve the overall performance of your business. Some important benefits include:

● Easy Checkout: From the customer’s perspective, a quick and seamless checkout experience is essential. These capabilities are enabled through a payment gateway, which makes online buying as simple as possible.

● Impulse purchase: Research shows that if the checkout process is over complicated, more than 40% of customers will cancel their purchase. However, a case study found that impulse purchases account for 40% of all online orders, so having a simple payment option will surely improve sales.

● Payment gateways also

i. Integrate with shopping carts, which allows for quicker payment


ii. Accept a variety of payment methods

iii. Chargeback prevention is ensured

iv. Provide fraud management and prevention

v. Allow for recurring billing

● Security: Payment Gateways are compliant with security standards like PCI DSS, GDPR etc. to ensure secure transactions for both the business and customer.

DPO Pay offers a secure, user-friendly and seamless platform for collecting online payments in real-time. DPO Group aims to encourage financial inclusion and economic development on the continent by giving its merchants the ability to make and ease.

To get started on your journey with DPO Pay, you can sign up today.

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