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Easy Payments Powered by xPay – Unique Merchants Payment Network

September 16, 2013

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Direct Pay Online Provides an Express B2B payment-processing platform – xPay. 

As Direct Pay Online moves more deeply into the payment processing sector of the travel industry in East Africa, we are continually coming up with different ways to make it easier for our travel industry clients to process financial transactions both from a business to client perspective and from a business to business perspective. As a result, we have developed a unique merchant network called X-Pay.

Direct Pay Online has been serving an ever-growing network of travel industry service providers. Among them are:

  • 37 Airlines
  • More than 350 Hotels
  • More than 500 travel agents and tour operators

The concept around Easy Payments is to facilitate direct payments among this vast and growing network of travel providers, thus making it easier and faster to transfer funds from business to business without the need to deal with banking hassles.

Currently all of the travel industry service providers that are utilizing Direct Pay Online are enjoying the benefits of processing online payments to collect money from their own customers. The benefit of the new xPay module is that it now provides each of these hospitality industry service providers with the ability to utilize the balance in their 3G Direct Pay account to pay for goods and services to other travel industry service providers directly, quickly and easily.

So how does 3G xPay work?

  • Service Provider A has an account with Direct Pay Online
  • The end customer books a reservation with Service Provider A, and pays online using Direct Pay Online
  • Service Provider A is able to then allocate part, or all, of the customer’s payment to Service Provider B by utilizing the xPay Module
  • Service Provider B gets a real-time payment notification
  • Service Provider A also receives an instant payment confirmation

Who is Easy Payments For?

Any currently registered Direct Pay Online merchant can use the xPay module to pay their own service providers or to get paid by other agents that are currently using 3G Direct Pay.

The following is an example of the kind of scenario in which Direct Pay Online clients might use xPay:

Travel Agent A has a website that allows end customers to book tours and hotel accommodations online. Customers pay by using the Direct Pay Online interface directly on the travel agent’s website.

    The end customer selects his hotel accommodations and tours and pays $1000 online for those travel plans. Travel Agent A now has a balance of $1000, less the service commission, in their Direct Pay Online account.

    Travel Agent A books, and pays for, the reservation with the hotel, as well as the tour the customer wanted, by allocating the corresponding amounts to each of those service provider’s accounts, thus settling directly with the hotel and the tour operator.

The advantages to this system are plentiful:

    The end customer made one easy payment for a group of services to Travel Agent A, and Travel Agent A booked and paid for, those various services on their end, thus collecting their own commission and making travel plans easy and painless for the end customer.
    The Agent is free from dealing with the hassles, expenses and time-consuming process of issuing bank transfers or checks to the hotel and tour operator because the xPay payment is completed in real-time and both the agent and the service provider receive instant online confirmations.
    The xPay service platform is the heart of Direct Pay Online’s merchant services and is free to use for both the agent and the service providers, thus eliminating expensive banking fees.

Any member of the business community who is currently a Direct Pay Online customer can utilize the xPay system and its easy to pay and get paid, safe and secure and facilitates real time transactions.

Eran Feinstein is the founder of Direct Pay Online. Direct Pay Online provides global e-commerce and online payments solutions for the travel and related industries  He is a leading authority in the fields of e-commerce, travel and payments, having acquired extensive experience from various parts of the world.

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