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Visiting #Zanzibar – Part Two with Direct Pay Online

October 23, 2013

Visiting #Zanzibar – Part Two with Direct Pay Online

October 23, 2013

Though Zanzibar remains one of those cherished “off the beaten path” vacation destinations for the adventure traveler, there is an abundance of things to do, see and enjoy.

Zanzibar, situated in beautiful, exotic East Africa captivates the mind with ancient stories of the spice and ivory trade. The history of this intriguing area dates back to nearly 20,000 years, and never fails to fascinate, as travelers from all over the world seek out its treasures and adventure.

Part of an archipelago made up by Pemba Island, Zanzibar is often referred to as one of East Africa’s most desirable destinations, with an abundance of coral reefs, white powder sand beaches, crystalline
turquoise blue waters and ancient towns still quite intact.

While Zanzibar is certainly an ideal location for the traveler seeking solace, rest, relaxation and pampering, it is also the perfect place for the adventure traveler seeking excitement, sumptuous local delicacies to treat the world-curious palate, and an ecotourism experience that will get one up close and personal with nature.

Previously we shared some of our top, most luxurious Zanzibar destination recommendations; with any of those luxurious locations as a home base, you’re bound to enjoy the many activities that Zanzibar has to offer.

Let’s start with food:

The Rock is a very special Zanzibar restaurant. Ideally, and rather distinctly, situated on a small rock island just off-shore from the mainland, on the South East Michamwi Pingwe Peninsula, The Rock boasts a spectacular offering of delicate local sea food dishes that will leave the world-wise foodie well impressed.

And, if the food were not enough to satisfy, the surroundings will finish the job. Set on a rock just a short distance from Michanwi Pingwe Beach, the magic of the ocean surroundings on this very unique restaurant location is romance incarnate. Accessible by boat, the entire experience is an explosion of sensation and not one to be missed.

Now for a little air and water:

From a height of 300 meters up in the air, the sensational colors of turquoise blue waters meet rich, abundant coral reefs exploding with brightly colored fish near the tip of Northern Zanzibar to leave a parasailing adventurer breathless.

No longer must you gaze upon seagulls floating on the wind and think, “darn, I wish I could see what he sees” Parasailing will get you up there, and the team at Zanzibar Parasailing will see to it that you have the experience of a lifetime. Safe, secure and fun, there is nothing like floating on the breeze and taking in the beauty of the East African coast and Indian Ocean.

How about a little bit of history and nature all rolled into one?

Very near to Stone Town is one of Zanzibar’s most fascinating islands. Prison Island, also known as Changuu Island, has been drawing curious tourists for years and goes well beyond the mystery and intrigues of an old prison (originally intended for rebellious slaves in the mid 1800s, no prisoners were ever held there and the prison facilities were eventually used to quarantine Yellow Fever victims) to offer up the eco-tour experience of a lifetime.

With an abundance of flora and fauna to engage the most avid nature lover and bird watcher, the islands also offers up the very special opportunity to engage with giant tortoises, some of which exceed 100 years in age. Though the species has inhabited the Indian Ocean for over 100 million years, it is now considered endangered. Prison Island is a sanctuary where these magnificent animals are beginning to produce new generations.

zan tours zanzibarWith hiking, exploring, snorkeling and more, Zan Tours makes Prison Island the perfect day trip and can, in fact, create an entire itinerary of Prison Island, Old Stone Town and more; just ask. They will put it all together for you. 


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