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Transaction View

April 1, 2015

Transaction View

April 1, 2015

Transaction View

Transaction view you are able to see all the details related to a particular transaction like customer name, email address, service details and more as shown below.

Transaction display features (from the left hand side column display).

  • Transaction main details and tool bar.
  • Payment Details – shows date payment was made, amount paid and type of card used.
  • Service Details – shows a description of the service type, transaction details and customer information.
  • Fraud centre – gives a description of any fraud alert.

Transaction status.

  1. Queued – system is processing the link.
  2. Sent – the payment link has been sent.
  3. Paid – customer has made payment.
  4. Cancel – to cancel an unpaid transaction.

Toolbar display.

  1. Transaction log -Contains an audit trail of all actions made done within a transaction including:
  • Customer IP location.
  • Any error received during payment of the transaction.
  • Number of cards used to try making the payment.
  • Last 4 digits of the card used to make the payment.
  • Detailed log of any activity/change done within the transaction.
  1. Go to Payment page – Opens the payment page link sent to the customer’s email address.
  2. Copy payment URL to Clipboard – Copies the payment page link.
  3. Print – Prints transaction details to your default printer.
  4. Refresh – Refreshes the page.
  5. Go to previous record.
  6. Go to next record.

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