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Stone town, Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Tourism thriving in Stone Town, Zanzibar, Part 2

February 20, 2014

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In our previous post here we discussed how Stone Town, Zanzibar is enjoying a strong revival in the tourism and hospitality markets, with the growth of several luxury boutique hotels. The lucky visitor enjoying a break in Stone Town will find many options, including boutique hotels where they will be made very comfortable.

The Dhow Palace Hotel is a former mansion belonging to a rich merchant and is now a charming and special hotel. It is filled with unique Zanzibar artefacts, and luxuries to help you enjoy your stay.

The Zanzibar Coffee House Hotel offers beautiful accommodation and a boutique feel and is joined to the Zanzibar Coffee House Cafe, where visitors can enjoy amazing coffee grown and produced locally by the owners. Their espresso is world-famous, so make sure you try it.

Zanzibar Coffee House

236 Hurumzi is the second tallest building in Stone Town and is a well-known landmark on the Stone Town skyline. It offers visitors beautiful architecture, well-appointed rooms and the Tower Top restaurant.

The 3G Direct Pay team will be in Stone Town, Zanzibar next week to meet with travel and tourism providers who are interested in growing their businesses. If you want to meet with our team please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you.

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