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Take Full Control and Enjoy Freedom with Easy Settlements

June 6, 2017

Take Full Control and Enjoy Freedom with Easy Settlements

June 6, 2017

At Direct Pay Online our commitment is to always offer our merchants and their customers easy,fast and secure payment options.

With Easy Settlements, our merchants do not only get settled fast, with ease, and securely but also enjoy the freedom to control how, when and where they wish for their funds to be settled. As a provider, you have the assurance that you will receive your settlements regardless of your geographic location or your preferred settlement method.

Modes of settlement

Easy Settlements offers merchants three methods through which they can get their funds settled into their accounts.

Direct Pay Online gives them the freedom to select their preferred method among the three listed:

  • Global Bank Transfer – The provider advises for their funds to be settled to their bank account. This could either be a local bank or a global bank and funds can be settled in several currencies which include USD, GBP, EUR, , KES, TZS, among others.
  • Prepaid Cards – The merchants has the option to have their funds settled to their prepaid cards which issued by Direct Pay Online (click here for more details) . Merchants can subsequently use their cards to pay for servicesand products anywhere across the globe.
  • Mobile Money Wallets – With the world quickly adopting mobile money solutions there is no better, more convenient form of receiving funds for merchants than getting it straight to their mobile wallets. merchants can opt to have their funds sent to their mobile wallets with currencies dependent on the country of operation

Real Time, secure settlements

In addition to the various options available for mode of settlement, Easy Settlement also offers merchants the comfort in assured security during the settlement process. This is further compounded with the benefits of a fast process; does not experience any delays and is easy for the provider, all they should do is provide details of where and when they wish to be settled.

Split your settlements

Easy Settlement does not limit you as the providerto receiving payments through one mode at any time, you have the freedom to select a split for their preferred settlement.

For instance, a merchant would prefer 60% of their settlement due, settled to their bank account and the rest settled to their mobile money wallet. This split is acceptable in any combination for the three different settlement modes.

Hold my funds

With Easy Settlement, you have the freedom to choose when you want your funds settled. merchants can request for their funds to be held for a certain period and release the request when they would like the funds settled.

In conclusion, Easy Settlement give merchants working with Direct Pay Online full control of their ongoing settlements. They can pick preferred settlement modes, their preferred settlement time and be assured of a secure and timely settlements to their accounts.

Are you ready to enjoy the FREEDOM that comes with Easy Settlements?

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