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The Hotels Checklist For Increasing Direct Bookings

Do you want to make sure your hotel is booked in low season, as well as in high season? Follow this checklist to increase direct bookings and watch your revenues rise!

    • Analyze your business. Examine your finances, and determine your total marketing budget.
    • Identify your market and target audience. Your target audience during high season and low season might differ. Create different buyer profiles and use past guest data to find out the types of guests you should target during low season and make sure your hotel gets filled up.
    • Perform thorough market research. Who are your main competitors during low and high season? Where do your target audiences hang out online? What types of content and deals attract them?
    • Update your website design. Make sure it is easy to navigate and find information on both desktop and mobile. Target your ideal guests with the appropriate messaging, images, and content. It should also be easy for them to contact you or book without having to click too many times.
    • Implement a turn key payment solution. A payment solution that is easy to use and compatible with a variety of payment options credit/debit, mobile wallet, mobile money, mPOS – enables you to book more rooms.
    • Plan your marketing strategy. Once you know your budget and your target audiences, you can plan how to target them through content marketing. campaigns, banner ads, SEO, and social media.
    • Offer special deals and run social media contests. Consider special offers, like all-inclusive packages and deals on spa treatments. Or host contests on social media giving contestants a chance to win a prize, like a free room upgrade.
    • Host Industry Events. Promote your hotel’s business center, and attract event producers from various professional industries or organizations. Most attendees will want to book a room in the hotel, too.
    • Run email marketing campaigns. Retarget past guests through email marketing. People who have already stayed in your hotel are more likely to return, so this could give your bookings an additional boost.
    • Measure your success and report on your results. Are you achieving your goals and meeting your benchmarks? Measure the results of your hotel’s marketing strategy, gauge your success, and see where you can improve.