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The Hotels Checklist For Increasing Direct Bookings

Do you want to make sure your hotel is booked in low season, as well as in high season? Follow this checklist to increase direct bookings and watch your revenues rise! Analyze your business. Examine your finances, and determine your total marketing budget. Identify your market and target audience. Your target audience during […]

The Tour Operators Essential Guide to Social Media Marketing

To succeed as a tour operator in Africa, it’s vital that you increase your online visibility and reach more potential customers. Current trends show that social media platforms are one of the main places that travellers all over the world look for travel inspiration and information. If you want to reach this huge, global audience, […]

How to Create A business Plan For Entrepreneurs

An Introduction to the African Startup Landscape Africa has one of today’s most exciting entrepreneurial landscapes. Tech startups attracted 16.8% more funding in 2016 than they did in 2015, with 146 startups raising a joint $129 million in 2016. South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria are currently the leading countries for attracting startup investments, together accounting […]

The Guide To Building Customer Loyalty For eCommerce Businesses

eCommerce Adapts and Grows It has been less than a quarter of a century since retail sales were first offered online. The first documented secure online purchase was a Sting album, bought for $12.48 in 1994 followed immediately by Pizza Hut’s “PizzaNet”. eCommerce giant Amazon was introduced in 1995, while total online retail sales surpassed […]

Travel Agent’s Guide to Surviving in the OTA’s Era

Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), such as Priceline and Expedia, rapidly gained market share in the past decade, as travelers reveled in their access to information and comparative shopping. The result was an uptake of independently booked trips, online, whether via OTAs or direct bookings at hotels and airlines. In the US, online travel bookings hold […]

The Complete Guide for Online Payment Security and PCI DSS Compliance

Introduction Depending on when you define the beginning of online bookings, it has been at least 2 decades since this earth-shattering service was introduced. Microsoft founded Expedia in 1996, with American Airlines subsidiary, Sabre, establishing Travelocity, in the same year. The rest, as they say, is history. Steadily rising since its inception, online bookings is […]

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