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You Can Now Accept mVisa

July 13, 2017

You Can Now Accept mVisa

July 13, 2017

The ability to offer customers payment options that allow for ease of payments is top among every merchant’s priorities. Direct Pay Online is happy to inform all our merchants that you can now accept mVisa payments; a feature that allows for merchants to receive payments in an easy, fast and secure way from their customers.

What is mVisa

mVisa is a payment option that allows merchants to accept mobile payments when customers scan unique QR codes. The feature allows for funds to move within the banking system into the merchant’s account at no extra cost. Merchants need not to worry about customers who do not own smartphones as the application allows for the use of feature phones using a USSD code.

What impact will mVisa have on your business

As a merchant, this is an exciting feature that assures you of a fast, convenient and secure method in receiving both online and in-store payments. The feature is expected to increase the number of online payments that merchants receive as it offers ease and convenience for your customers by making shorter the process of making payments.

How It Works

(Image Source: visa.co.ke)

  • Merchant creates transactions on the Direct Pay Online Platform
  • Customer clicks on link to land on the payment page and selects mVisa as a the prefered payment option
  • The system generates a unique QR Code which the customer scans from their mobile or online banking application
  • The banking application captures all transaction details as entered by the merchant
  • The application automatically deducts the amount from the bank account and prompts the customer to confirm
  • Customer pays

Static QR Codes

Merchants will also have an option of using static QR Codes. With these customers will pay for your goods and services by scanning the QR Code and inputting the service details which will include the amount to be charged from their bank accounts. Upon confirmation, the funds will be transferred to your merchant account.

Our Promise

Introducing mVisa as a payment option is an enabler to our promise to you on offering the freedom to be paid anywhere, anytime and adding ease and convenience into the process of receiving payments. With the rise in mobile phone use across Africa, merchants are assured of more content customers with the inclusion of mVisa as a payment option.

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