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Jumia Food – How it works, How you pay

March 18, 2019

Jumia Food – How it works, How you pay

March 18, 2019

In 2013 online retailer Jumia began their Jumia Food delivery service, and have since expanded into 11 countries. Jumia Food – the largest online food delivery provider in Africa – gives customers the opportunity to order food from their favorite restaurants without leaving their home or office.

How it Works

Jumia Food has its own app for both iOS and Android users, as well as an online platform that can be accessed from the computer. Customers need to simply register for an account, then select their area. Once selected, a list of participating restaurants will be displayed along with online menus.

The customer can select the item(s) that they want, and then relax. Jumia Food processes the payment, provides a total and an estimated time for delivery, and sends the order to a member of their customer service team to coordinate. Because the payment is processed automatically, customers don’t need to fumble with cards or cash when the driver arrives.

Payments and Security

In Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda, Jumia Food has chosen DPO as their eCommerce payment solution. Now Kenyans across the country can save time and effort by using their preferred payment method and the Jumia Food service.

Customers can order with confidence from Jumia Food, knowing their payments are processed securely with DPO’s solution, and that their food will be delivered by professionals from Jumia Group.

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