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Payment Solutions for Schools

Let Parents Pay for School Fees Online

Whether it’s an upcoming field trip or school fees, DPO allows you to send parents payment requests, letting them choose the easiest way to pay, from credit and debit cards to mobile money and others.

Focused on Growth, Inspired by Africa

Promote safer, cashless payments in your educational institution by letting parents and students pay online school fees.

Recurring Payments for School Fees

Much like a subscription, your school can let parents subscribe for recurring school fee payments.

Need an Online Shop?

Create an online shop for your school to sell school clothes, stationery, food, or other necessities.

Easily Create Invoices and Receipts

Create invoices and print receipts in seconds on the DPO System. 

Many Ways to Get Paid

Let parents choose the most convenient payment method for them, from card payments, major mobile money providers, and more.

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