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Insurance Payment Solutions

Easily Collect Payments From Policyholders

Get paid from anywhere in the world by sending payment link requests to policyholders payable online.

Many Ways to Get Paid

We integrate with the most popular payment methods across Africa, allowing your customers to choose from credit and debit cards, mobile money and more.

Focused on Growth, Inspired by Africa

Safely collect cashless payments from your policyholders using DPO Pay.

Highest Security

Highest Online Payment Security with 24/7 Fraud Prevention Services

Our stateoftheart online fraud prevention technology and risk management systems help to protect your business around the clock.

Action Bulk Payments in One Go With Batched Card Transactions

Our batched payment functionality lets you accept recurring or subscription payments by manually submitting a file for bulk payment processing.

Trusted by Leading Insurance Companies

Easily Create Invoices and Receipts

Quickly generate invoices for clients to pay online and print their receipts directly from the DPO System.

Multi-Currency Payments Supported

Build trust with transparent fees when clients pay premiums. Display the original price, exchange rate, and final amount to your customer in their local currency or currency of choice.

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