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How Online Catalogs Can Promote Sales During Low Season

March 20, 2017

How Online Catalogs Can Promote Sales During Low Season

March 20, 2017

High season usually means high profits, but the transition to the low season doesn’t mean all is lost. There are plenty of ways you can reach a larger audience and get bookings during the low season to keep your business booming all year round. For example, online catalogs can promote sales during the low season. According to Statistic Brain, there are 148.3 million travel bookings made on the Internet each year, so the bigger your Internet presence is, the better.

Let’s have a look at two different ways you can incorporate online catalogs in your marketing scheme.

1.     Use online marketplaces

Online marketplaces, both local and international, have large amounts of high-quality traffic. Marketplaces specifically geared towards the travel industry are even better for you, as the audience will be more relevant and comprised of travelers looking to book their next vacation. Place your online product catalog on these sites to increase your exposure. This way, you’ll reach a much wider audience, maybe even a global audience.  The more people who come across your services, the more likely you are to increase online bookings.

2.     Partner with another company in your industry

By partnering with another company in the travel industry, you gain a whole new set of potential customers. Place your product catalog on the partner company’s website. As this partner works in the same industry as you, and provides a complementary service, chances are that their website traffic is extremely relevant. This partnership should bring you a steady flow of potential customers who are already interested in the types of services you offer.

For example, if you are a tour operator, you can partner with a local hotel and display your catalog on their website. People who are looking at hotel bookings in your area are probably also interested in exciting tours and excursions to fill their itinerary. In addition, loyal hotel customers will automatically trust your business thanks to the partnership.

The Direct Pay Online MarketPlace

If you’re looking for an online marketplace for your product catalog, look no further than Direct Pay Online’s MarketPlace. Designed especially for travel companies, the MarketPlace will help you reach more travelers, even during the low season.

The MarketPlace has different categories for advertising different services. There are sections for travel and leisure, ideal for advertising tours, experiences, and excursions. The airlines and transfers sections are perfect for advertising flights and other transportation services. If you have a restaurant, there is a section especially for you, as well.

With a modern, clean design and easy-to-navigate interface, the Direct Pay Online MarketPlace provides you with a professional platform through which you can share your online catalog. Using the MarketPlace will also increase your exposure, thanks to its pre-existing stream of traffic.

Another major benefit of the Direct Pay Online MarketPlace is that it is integrated with Direct Pay Online’s own online payment platform. So, when potential customers decide to book one of your services, they can quickly, safely and easily pay through the MarketPlace website.

Direct Pay Online’s payment process is not only streamlined for increased customer convenience, but it also allows customers to choose from a wide range of different payment methods, so they can choose the method they prefer most.

Payments through Direct Pay Online’s platform are also highly secure, keeping your customers’ payment information safe and protecting your business from fraudulent transactions. This superior blend of safety and ease is sure to provide an excellent customer experience and build trust, which in turn will increase customer loyalty. Loyal customers become repeat guests who will return to book with you throughout the year.

Adding your product catalog to an online marketplace, or displaying it on a partner’s website, will enable you to reach more potential customers all year round. Direct Pay Online’s Marketplace brings the added benefit of its advanced online payment platform through which your customers can easily make bookings without having to leave the Marketplace or be redirected to another payment page. So, when the peak season ends, you can be confident that your sales will remain high and your satisfied customers will keep coming back for more.

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