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Growth of boutique hotels mark tourism revival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

February 17, 2014

Growth of boutique hotels mark tourism revival in Stone Town, Zanzibar

February 17, 2014

Stone Town, Zanzibar,  also known as Mji Mkongwe is an excellent retreat for travellers. Stone Town was named for the coral stone buildings that were built there largely during the 19th century, on the site of a very old fishing village. This picturesque town is now home to 16,000 people, with over 1,700 beautiful historical buildings, including mosques and churches, and welcoming markets bursting with fresh local produce.

Visitors won’t be short of gorgeous and intimate accommodation options in Stone Town, where a recent revival in local tourism has resulted in a choice of lovely boutique hotels. As you walk through the narrow streets and alleys of this town you’ll see many magnificent boutique hotels with huge carved hardwood doors with brass knobs.

Mashariki Palace Hotel also known as Jumba la moto (house of fire)  used to be a kitchen for the high government officials in its early history,  but it was later refurbished and it became the Eastern palace for the 1st Sultan. It was restored five years ago to its original magnificence. It is also rumoured to have some hidden treasure.

Mashariki Palace Hotel, Stone Town

Some of the boutique hotels in Stone Town used to be palaces for the Zanzibar sultans and their families, like Kholle House which was originally built in 1860 by Princess Kholle the daughter of the 1st sultan of Zanzibar.  After 3 years of restoration, Kholle House provides a glimpse into the glamorous life of a Zanzibarian Princess.

Kholle House, Zanzibar

Tembo House, the former American consulate is now a gorgeously designed boutique hotel with a history of celebrity visitors, from Ghandi to Freddy Mercury. Kisiwa House was among the first tall buildings in a stone town built in the 19th  century by a rich influential oman merchant. It was recently renovated into a luxury boutique hotel.

Jafferji House and Spa is a beautifully renovated boutique hotel and spa located in Stone Town’s centre. It is a fantastic location for sightseers and tourists looking for a relaxing break and is full of antiques, both local and from around the world.

Jafferji House and Spa, Zanzibar

These are just a few of the wonderful accommodation options in Stone Town Zanzibar. We’ll be featuring more in the second part of our feature. Direct Pay Online is proud to partner with our wonderful providers in Stone Town, and in other locations in Zanzibar and East Africa

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