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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About JOVAGO.com

January 15, 2015

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About JOVAGO.com

January 15, 2015

Registering your hotel with Jovago.com, a venture by Africa Internet Group, will guarantee you global visibility and support the growth of your business with successful B2B and B2C bookings.

Unrivaled as Africa’s leading online hotel booking platform, Jovago.com has partnered directly with over 10,000 hotels in Africa within a year. Since September, over 1,000 African hotels looking for new customers have been joining the platform each month.  A partnership with Jovago grants hotels access to the growing number of customers looking for accommodation via the Internet.

With a global listing of 200,000 hotels, more than 20,000 of them in Africa, Jovago.com facilitates the booking process for its users by providing them access to the largest inventory of hotels in Africa. Also, Jovago boasts the best hotel booking experience: a fast, transparent, and easy-to-use service. The service is tailored for the African market with some unique features such as resident rates and mobile payment solutions.

Unlike most booking platforms, Jovago.com believes in personalizing the booking process and has thus invested in a well-trained Customer Service Department, as well as well as Revenue Management Team. Jovago Customer Care and Revenue Management teams are located in Nigeria, Kenya, Senegal, and Ivory Coast. While the main goal of the Revenue Management team is to nurture a relationship with partners by sharing insights on how to grow their business, the customer care team focuses on providing the greatest customer experience over the phone or via the live chat feature available on Jovago.com.

The platform is free for both customers and partners, which creates an effective interface for their interaction. Hotel Managers can access the website backend through Jovago extranet to update information on their property and improve performance on Jovago.com


Jovago.com was launched in July 2013, with two regional Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya, with a main objective of easing travel in Africa and bolstering e-tourism in this region. The company made a quick stamp on the market as a quick, easy, and reliable service for connecting guests with preferred accommodation.

Since its launch, the company has grown to five regional headquarters in Africa: Lagos, Nigeria, Nairobi, Kenya, Dakar, Senegal, Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and Douala, Cameroon.

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