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Everything You Need to Know About Trivago

September 14, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Trivago

September 14, 2017

Trivago is a global hotel search website, where site visitors can compare hotel prices for 1.3 million hotels across 190 countries. It allows users to compare hotel deals and find the best prices quickly and easily.


Trivago was founded in January 2005. It was developed by a founding team in Dusseldorf, Germany. Initially, it was Germany’s first hotel search site, and it quickly spread to become a popular global hotel metasearch, with websites in over 50 countries.

By 2015, Trivago’s revenue was reported to be more than $500 million, annually. By April 2016, Trivago had over 1000 employees and a new campus in Dusseldorf. Now, it claims to be the largest online hotel search portal, with over 120 million visitors per month.

The service

Using Trivago’s Hotel Manager, hoteliers can list their hotels through profiles on the Trivago website. Registration is free, through a simple online form. Trivago Hotel Manager Basic is completely free to use, allowing you to list your hotel and benefit from increased exposure.

For an even more advanced Trivago profile, you can join Hotel Manager PRO.  It goes a step above the basic version by enabling you to prominently feature hotel news on your profile and highlight your contact details to encourage viewers to contact you directly through your own website or phone number.  It also provides you with advanced analytic tools such as viewing visitors’ profiles and competitor data so you can target your audience more effectively.

Once you’ve registered with Trivago Hotel Manager, you can assign your hotel to your hotel profile. If you hotel is not already on Trivago’s list, you can add it, although it takes up to seven days to get approval. You may manage multiple hotels on your account with the easy-to-use dashboard.

Once you’ve added your hotel, add detailed information, including contact details and eye-catching images, so your hotel is attractive to visitors and will come up in relevant search results.

Trivago provides professionally written hotel descriptions for every hotel. These feature high-quality keywords to attract web traffic. Hotel reviews from other booking sites are automatically collated by Trivago search robots, contributing to an overall rating score for each hotel.

Trivago also offers a Rate Connect service. This allows you to set up competitive cost-per-click advertising campaigns, track your performance through analytics, and control your marketing budget for best success at minimum cost. This service incurs fees determined through an initial consultation.

Trivago Statistics

  • 120+ million month site visitors
  • Compares rates in over 1 million hotels
  • Over 190 million hotel ratings
  • More than 250 booking sites worldwide
  • Websites in over 50 countries
  • Over 14 million photos

Partnership Perks

Listing your hotel on Trivago’s website gives you the chance to be seen by over 120 million monthly visitors. It also shows aggregated reviews for your hotel from across many booking sites. By featuring your hotel on Trivago, you’ll reach a global audience of relevant travelers searching for a place to stay during their next travel adventure.

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