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Email Transactions

April 1, 2015

Email Transactions

April 1, 2015

Email Transaction

Send a secure online payment link to your customers where they can pay online from anywhere in the world.

Click on Email Transaction.

Fill in the details:        

Customer Information:

  • Fill in the mandatory fields: First Name, Last Name and Email address.


  • Service Type – Select the type of service.
  • Service Date – This is the actual date the service will be consumed by the customer.
  • Description – Short description of the service to be provided.
  • Payment Time Limit – This is the date you want your customer to have made their payment before they check-in.

Transaction Details:

  • Booking reference – This is an internal reference for your records.
  • Total – Select the Currency and type in the total amount you want your customer to pay.

Continue & send Email later:

  • Use this option when you need to confirm some details before sending the link to the customer.

Save & Send Email to Customer:

  • Use this option to send the link to the customer immediately.

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