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Opening an online shop is now a necessity for every successful business. According to Statista, retail e-commerce sales are predicted to grow to 3.4 trillion US dollars by 2019!

However, gaps in skills and knowledge are often a barrier to success in the e-commerce arena, and Direct Pay Online is launching a program that intends to fill these gaps. This program – The 10×10 program – is a fantastic opportunity aimed at student developers.

Initially, the program will be launched for student developers at Strathmore University, with plans to expand to other institutions and developer hubs in the future. There will be free bi-weekly workshops for small groups (up to 15 select participants) led by expert trainers and guides from Direct Pay Online.

These workshops will equip participants with practical business management skills and provide them with an understanding of the financial and technical aspects of building and running an e-commerce website.

The workshops aim to answers questions including:

  • What is e-commerce?
  • How do I create an online store?
  • How can I integrate payment services?
  • What security features and standards should my site adhere to?
  • How do I manage my new business?

During the workshop, every participant will be able to create their own e-commerce site from scratch, with Direct Pay Online’s professional guidance and support every step of the way.

The program will also give developers a chance to become familiar with Direct Pay Online’s comprehensive payment solution, the technology behind it, and the tools that accompany it. It is this payment solution that enables merchants to accept a wide variety of secure and easy online payment methods.

Developers will gain an in-depth understanding of e-commerce, online payments, PCI DSS security standards, and the available financial tools.

The 10×10 program also has a fantastic incentive – all participants will get a 10% revenue share of transactions fees incurred in the first ten months that their e-commerce site is running.

As part of the program, Direct Pay Online will also offer 24/7 support to participants. This will include support for e-commerce site development and payment service implementation. The support will also be provided to merchants joining the e-commerce arena for the first time – with information about card acceptance, operating an online store, as well as setting up and using merchant accounts.

For young developers, the 10×10 program is an invaluable opportunity. Using knowledge gained through years of experience, the experts at Direct Pay Online are able to provide in-depth information and thorough skills training in the field of online payments. This free workshop aims to equip new developers with the tools to succeed as entrepreneurs in the competitive world of e-commerce.

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