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Case Study: How Direct Pay Online Helped Flyezee Double Its Activity

May 31, 2017

Case Study: How Direct Pay Online Helped Flyezee Double Its Activity

May 31, 2017

Flyezee Company Intro

Flyezee.com, now renamed Tripindigo, is East Africa’s leading flight comparison website, working with multiple domestic airlines which fly to hundreds of East African destinations, often unreachable by international carriers.  Flyezee brings all East Africa’s regional airlines together, into one integrated marketplace, making it easy for consumers to browse, select and purchase airline tickets online. For each destination, they list all possible routes, including multi-leg routes, presenting flight times, arrival times and pricing, doing away with the previous difficulties of inconsistent online information.

African Payment Preferences

Africa is a cash-based economy, with a significant portion of the population still “unbanked”.  Reasons for this range from security concerns due to the high level of fraud in Africa, to the challenges of travel to reach financial institutions which are often quite far away from rural populations.

In 2015, Africa accounted for 52% of all international mobile money services and 64% of all active mobile money accounts, according to a GSMA Intelligence 2016 report.

The Challenges

Flyezee’s vision for a comprehensive solution for East African travel required addressing a number of crucial challenges:

1.      Servicing travelers locally and abroad.

Offering services to Africans as well as international travelers, Flyezee needed to implement a payment system which could support a variety of international credit cards, as well as provide support for the growing number of mobile money accounts in Africa and abroad.

2.      Maintaining high security levels.

In keeping with international standards, and in order to reassure local customers, Flyezee’s online payment service provider (PSP) needed to ensure PCI DSS security standards and advanced fraud identification capabilities.

3.      Currency acceptance and exchange.

Flyezee needed to be able to accept all currencies, providing exchange to local currencies, as necessary.

4.      Being able to easily pay partner airlines.

Flyezee works with multiple providers, and in some cases, trips are planned using more than one airline for different parts of the journey.  Flyezee required a PSP with the flexibility to support remittance to Flyezee’s regional partners, including the capability to support transfers to multiple partners from a single received payment.

Direct Pay Online Solution

Direct Pay Online provides Flyezee with a comprehensive payment processing solution for its B2B and B2C needs.  Its secure, online and mobile payment platform accepts all methods of payment and currencies, enabling Flyezee’s customers to reserve tickets, anytime, anywhere and however they choose.

Flyezee integrated Direct Pay Online Customer Connect to offer its customers an assortment of payment methods, including all major credit cards, a variety of domestic cards, and mobile money from all mobile providers in Africa.  Direct Pay Online’s payment platform supports cross-border mobile and credit card payments, allowing international customers to complete a purchase in their local currencies

The payment solution on Flyezee’s flight comparison and reservation site, includes Direct Pay Online’s state-of-the-art fraud prevention features, such as real-time monitoring, fraudulent pattern detection, and up-to-date black list support.  Direct Pay Online is PCI DSS level 1 certified, ensuring the highest security standard for Flyezee, its customers and its partners.

Finally, Flyezee uses Direct Pay Online’s Business Connect module to support payment receipt and remittance to its partners.  The xPay feature (Easy Payments) allows Flyezee to allocate payments directly from its online payment account with Direct Pay Online to the airlines who are part of the network, splitting payments from a single transaction between multiple suppliers, as required.


Flyezee has provided a solution to a growing need for online travel comparison and reservation within Africa.  Flyezee’s volume of reservations has increased consistently, with a growth rate of approximately 30% month over month, during its first 6 months of operation. Flyezee has grown its partner airline base and now covers over 500 route combinations

Its member airlines cover a vast network of destinations, both small and large, from major international airports to the safari circuit airstrips, smaller cities and beach destinations.  Flyezee provides an effective method for collating various airline schedules offering multi-airline, multi-sector flight bookings to its customers.

Direct Pay Online has supported the continuous growth of payment processing, and payment allocation, throughout this period. Between 2015 and early 2017, Direct Pay Online supported a growth from 900 remmitances to 1,700 to the partner airlines, with a commensurate increase in revenues.

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