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3G Direct Pay would like to announce to all our registered providers and merchants  that AFB has suspended the advance service effective 1st of June 2015.

For more information please contact us on [email protected].

3G Direct Pay has been a leading online payments processor for e-commerce since 2006. As a strong advocate for business growth and technology in Africa, we have a deep understanding of the needs of small to midsize businesses (SMBs), especially within the travel, hospitality and airline industry. As a leading B2B solution, we know we must be multi-faceted and able to scale with our customer’s needs.

To that end, 3G Direct Pay has teamed up with AFB, a leading African micro, small and medium enterprise provider, to deliver a real time platform which will allow the merchants we work with to apply for, unsecured cash advances to grow and scale their organizations, and to do so by using the Business Connect platform.

The choice of cash advances vary in range, provide for repayment flexibility and are granted based on a business’s future predicted online transaction turnover. No security or collateral is required and business owners can use the funds as working capital to grow and expand their businesses, pay suppliers, or settle payments with booking engines or online travel agencies (OTAs); in fact, business owners can use the funds in any way they deem appropriate for the benefit of the business.

By offering businesses the power to upgrade and scale their organizations, we offer the possibility of a more promising financial future, not only for the business in question, but also for the African e-commerce, travel, hospitality and other industries.

The AFB cash advance solution allows 3G Direct Pay clients to request an advance, which, on approval, will be credited to their 3G Direct Pay account. Clients are then able to repay their advance over time, via the online transactions (sales or bookings) they process through their business.

The real-time platform facilitates fast, easy and secure cash advances; it is an A to Z solution, which includes funding and automatic repayment that does not exceed the merchant’s ability to pay as payments are based on a set percentage of monthly sales.

 Here’s how it works:

– Merchants can apply for their cash advance online within their 3GDP account.

– The merchant’s qualification and advance limits are set according to the number of transactions processed over the 3GDP platform during the most recent 6 months and their average monthly transaction value.

– The merchant selects the amount they wish to apply for, and the system will present up to five cash advance and repayment options for the amount requested.

– The merchant selects the cash advance, along with the repayment terms, that best suits their needs.

– AFB will contact the merchant within 1 business day.

– Funds are credited to the merchant’s 3G Direct Pay account by using the xPAY network.

– Repayment is deducted automatically from future transactions based on an agreed to, and set, percentage of each processed transaction.

– There are no surprises and no chance of the inability to pay because of fluctuating transaction volumes.

With the ability to easily, conveniently and quickly apply for, and have access to, working capital in the absence of collateral or security and subsequently repay in line with the business’s turnover/sales, there couldn’t be a better and more tailored solution for business growth in Africa.

Contact us on [email protected] to Apply.