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Announcing Online-Zanzibar.com

March 3, 2015

Announcing Online-Zanzibar.com

March 3, 2015

All of us at 3G Direct Pay are excited to share the news of the upcoming launch of https://www.Online-Zanzibar.com. The new online hub is a community for Zanzibar’s travel and other businesses to establish relationships, forge partnerships, share business, and exchange insights about topics like e-commerce, tourism, online payments, fraud prevention, and more. This site is mostly crowdsourced: drawing on the experience and knowledge of businesses in Zanzibar and your input and participation is welcome and encouraged.

Zanzibar’s newest (and we think, best) site will include a comprehensive business directory of Zanzibar travel businesses, so you can easily align yourself with other operators in the region and increase your reach.

We encourage you to use it as a resource to influence a broader audience of both end-users as well as agents, airlines, hotels, tour operators, general vendors and other important stakeholders across the globe who are interested in the Zanzibar Archipelago and islands.

The site will include a blog, which is updated regularly with articles featuring insights, news, and best practices for Zanzibar travel businesses.

In Online-Zanzibar’s Discussion Forum, you are given an easy-to-use platform for an open dialog of information exchange with other members of the community.

Stay tuned for the coming launch.

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