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3G Direct Pay Limited – Newsletter Nov/14

December 12, 2014

3G Direct Pay Limited – Newsletter Nov/14

December 12, 2014

Dear Provider,
3G Direct Pay Limited has partnered with Payoneer, a leading provider of global payment solutions, to make your settlement process easier , faster and at lower costs. you can now apply for a new MasterCard card that gives you the freedom to experience a new world of opportunities when it comes to easy settlement and shopping using your new credit card.

For more information on the new card CLICK HERE

Fraudulent Emails : Special Fraud  Alert this Festive Season!

 Experience has shown that the festive season is preferred by  fraudsters as the mood is more  relaxed. In  light of this we would like you to follow the below procedure  to ensure that you  remain protected:

  1.  Issue  e-tickets to customers who are have been verified  and authenticated by yourselves and/or 3G Direct Pay.
  2. Ensure that in all cases the card holder is one of the travelling passengers. If the cardholder is not any of the travelling passengers, kindly send an email to: [email protected]; for further assistance in verifying the details.

For more information  CLICK HERE

Everything you ever Wanted to Know About Booking.com

Registering your hotel with Booking.com opens your property to a worldwide audience and gives you the automation you need to succeed.A good and global (booking engine that is also a travel channel partner is essential when it comes to filling up your hotel and managing reservations, calendars, and capacity.

Find out how you process booking.com transaction using our payments platform and also how you settle your booking.com commission with us.

For more information CLICK HERE

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