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www.online-zanzibar.com offers the first single online point of reference for all travel-related business in Zanzibar

3G Direct Pay Limited, an African premier solution for online and mobile payments, has launched a new website that offers the first single online point of reference for all travel-related businesses in Zanzibar, to interact on e-commerce, tourism, online payments, fraud and much more. https://www.online-zanzibar.com/ is an online hub for local businesses in Zanzibar to meet, network, and be part of an online business community.

Eran Feinstein, Managing Director, 3G Direct Pay Limited, who led the development of the website commented:
“Considerable thought has gone into the design and content of this website. The objective of the site is to provide businesses with an opportunity to come together, with similar organizations in the region, establish relationships, forge partnerships, share business and exchange insights. As it has been said many times before, “the sum of the whole is far greater than that of its individual parts,” and this is indeed the approach we are taking with this exciting initiative.”

“This is a major step forward for 3G Direct Pay and for our merchants. The site serves local businesses by enabling them to reach a global audience of agents, airlines, hotels, tour operators, general vendors and other stakeholders in the travel industry on Zanzibar. Additionally, local businesses can reach end customers to offer information, booking opportunities and direct e-com platforms. Our online hub provides the latest travel industry and local updates, general support and other useful information.”

The site includes an online business directory, which provides a platform for businesses to network in order to identify partnership opportunities and referrals. The directory will also be used by an international audience of travel businesses and tourists, to research the local business landscape.

“The website’s user-friendly discussion platform aims to encourage local businesses to discuss the issues that matter in the region, develop partnerships and connect with complementary businesses both locally and internationally,” added Feinstein. “Other functions include a Blog, which will be updated regularly with articles that are timely and relevant to the members.”

East Africa’s e-commerce market, although still in its infancy, is gaining increasing size and growth. Consumers are becoming more comfortable with e-commerce and the growth of mobile payment platforms has likewise increased. Sites like 3G Direct Pay has capitalized on that and allow users and businesses the freedom to shop and sell online and do so without the need of bank account involvement.