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3G Direct Pay Company Profile

February 10, 2014

DPO Group
DPO Group

3G Direct Pay Company Profile

February 10, 2014

3G Direct Pay fills the gap between the providers (merchants) and the consumers. Since 2006 3G Direct Pay has been providing an open credit card and mobile money processing platform where the end customer can shop online with any provider and can pay in real-time using any payment option. 3G Direct Pay leads the African aviation and travel market where hundreds of travel and aviation businesses and millions of end customers can shop, pay, sell and get paid at real-time.

How are we doing it?

  • The Platform
    An end-to-end real-time platform that facilitates sales and offers secure payments processing. The platform includes an interface to all types of online payments, credit cards, debit cards, pre-paid cards, PayPal, mobile payments, bank transfers and more. 3G Direct Pay’s platform provides a multidimensional secure online payment solution to any merchant, it can be used as part of any e-commerce/booking website, can be used by any back-office reservation system, and can be linked to any proposal/quotation and more.
  • Payment Options
    Direct Pay Online online payments platform is connected to all leading credit card types, Visa, MasterCard and American Express. In addition, the platform is also connected to PayPal and to the leading mobile money operators in East Africa (m-Pesa, Airtel Money, Tigo Pesa, Zantel and more).
  • Customer Service
    Our 24/7 customer service is a combination of a professional call centre and an online support portal.  We take full responsibility of the support to end consumers and the service providers in order to make sure that the transactions are completed smoothly.
  • Fraud Prevention
    3G Direct Pay’s Fraud Prevention Strategy is combined with a real-time bi-focal monitoring system that focuses on both the consumer and the merchant, with an automated set of business rules and a back office with well-defined procedures. We scan each transaction in real-time looking for fraud patterns; we block any fraudulent transaction and mark for further action any suspected transaction. In addition, our fraud team work together with our processing banks to eliminate any fraud.
  • xPAY – B2B Express Payments
    3G Direct Pay provides an internal payments platform where any registered provider which is part of the 3G Direct Pay network can pay and be paid in real-time.
  • Mobile APP – mSwipe
    An advanced Android and ios app that enables the merchant to collect electronic payments anywhere and anytime can be downloaded from Google Play and from the app Store which support:

    • Online payments
    • Card present and EMV payments

The Marketplace

3G Direct Pay is now launching the new Marketplace where any registered merchant/provider can create its own e-shop within 10 minutes and start its own e-com operation by selling and buying online.

Key features/advantages:

  • Free registration
  • Fast setup process applicable for any type of merchant/provider
  • All products/services available within the Marketplace
  • The merchant/provider can use and activate its own mini-website

The Marketplace will position 3G Direct Pay as a pioneer within the regional payments industry, will boost the overall transactions and will enable the merchants to launch direct e-commerce operations.


3G Direct Pay online payments multi-dimensional platform includes the following features:

  • Merchant/Provider management module
  • Credit card terminal management
  • Real-time payment transaction management
  • Fraud and risk management (Fraud alerts, Scoring module, Black lists)
  • Mobile app (Android and iOS)


3G Direct Pay meets the highest payments industry standard – PCI DSS (level 1)

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