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We developed functional features around the biggest full-featured web hosting eCommerce platform. Integrate your Xero Accounting Software with DPO Pay and finalise your accounting needs on one easy-to-use platform.

Limitless Possibilities to

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Xero is cloud-based accounting software powers small to medium sized businesses owners and allows them manage their finances. Owners can collaborate with their accountant or bookkeeper from anywhere and at any time.

Xero Accounting is a widely used accounting application with over 2 million subscribers and is ideal for anyone looking to set up and start running fast.

Key Features

Xero also integrates to and shares data with more than 800 small-business apps Here are some of Xero’s key features;

  • Intuitive invoicing software
  • Accept payments and claim expenses
  • Automatically calculate sales tax and returns
  • Reports and analytics for cash flows, financial health and track metrics
  • Create and send purchase orders online
  • Multi-Currency: Pay and get paid in over 160 currencies
  • Inventory management
  • Enable Bank connection and reconciliation facilities

How to Integrate Xero Accounting

Visit our Github page to learn how to easily integrate DPO Pay with Xero Accounting.

DPO Checkout

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Add the Xero Accounting integration to your Accounting Systems and set up instant visibility of your financial position. Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box – for free.

Frequently Asked



What is Xero Accounting?

Xero is web-based accounting system designed for small and growing businesses. Xero gives your business integration with you their trusted advisors and provides you instant visibility of their financial position whether small or medium

How do I accept online payments with Xero Accounting?

In order to receive online payments via Xero, you will need to make use of an online payment gateway. Payment gateways provide a service that ensures that payment processing happens securely, and merchants promptly receive their funds.

Apart from credit card payments, it is also important to consider accepting other payment methods that your customers are likely to prefer. Customer experience at checkout has a significant impact on conversion.

By using DPO as your online payment gateway, Xero can effortlessly accept online payments, and offer multiple payment methods with one solution.

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What are the benefits of using Xero Accounting for small to medium sized businesses?

Intelligent Banking: Xero Accounting software will automatically import all your bank, credit card and Paypal transactions so you do not have to manually enter this information.

Xero’s intuitive bank reconciliation will seamlessly matches your transactions for you once the data is fully imported, your job will just be to double check and click OK.

Take control of your Bills: Xero Accounting will map what you owe and when it’s due giving you an opportunity to plan and and scheduled payments ahead of time and give you full and advance control of your cashflow.

It’s very simple to add a bill to Xero is simple, be it batch payments of multiple bills via online banking, this saves you the painstaking process of making individual payments. You can also set up future recurring bills and ensure you are in control of your bank balance

Invoicing made with class: Xero Accounting helps you create and send beautiful with a fully customisable layout letting you create professional invoices your recipients will be proud of. With the era of paperless invoicing, Xero gives you the power to send email invoices to your customers who can in turn choose to pay online so you get paid quicker. This process can also be automated meaning you do not have to manually send invoices every cycle.

Financial Reports in one One-click: With one-click you can generate over 40 reports including profit & loss, balance sheet , budgets and many more making use of your aggregated real-time business data. Reports are also interactive meaning you can drill down into the in-depth transaction sources.

Cloud Xero, work anywhere any time: Are you on always on the go? Don’t worry, With Xero, you have access access anywhere, at anytime – with internet on your PC, Laptop, Mac, tablet, or Xero Touch on your smartphone. You don’t need to install or update any software’s, and Xero will also automatically back-up everything for you.

A tonne of Add-ons: Xero Accounting software is versatile with multiple add-ons for all your needs from PoS, payroll, to stock control and allows software developers from other companies to integrate their products in with Xero meaning that connects to other seamlessly saving you time and duplication of effort.

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