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Integrate DPO Pay on your

OpenCart  Store

We developed functional features around one of the biggest eCommerce plugin. Integrate your OpenCart online store with DPO Pay and grow your business with our customized extensions across all your logistical, technical, and marketing needs. Your customers can check-out with multiple payment methods.

Limitless Possibilities to

Customize and Extend

OpenCart is fully customizable, you can develop an online store from the ground up and sell anything. Add features and extend the functionality of your store with 13000+ modules and themes from the OpenCart marketplace.

Key Features

It is also quick to set up and offers an abundance of tools to help your online business grow.

  • Powerful and flexible with an administrator dashboard
  • Manage multiple stores from one admin interface
  • Customisable themes
  • Inbuilt Affiliate system
  • Advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users

How to Integrate OpenCart

Visit our Github page to learn how to easily integrate DPO Pay with OpenCart.

DPO Checkout

Accept Payments, Fast & Easy

eCommerce for OpenCart

Add OpenCart to your website and set up a new store in minutes. Get secure payments, configurable shipping options, and more, out of the box – for free.

Frequently Asked



What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is one of the most popular eCommerce platform on the planet. It’s a free open-source eCommerce plugin that turns websites into fully functional eCommerce stores.

How do I accept online payments with OpenCart?

In order to receive online payments via OpenCart, you will need to make use of an online payment gateway. Payment gateways provide a service that ensures that payment processing happens securely, and merchants promptly receive their funds.

Apart from credit card payments, it is also important to consider accepting other payment methods that your customers are likely to prefer. Customer experience at checkout has a significant impact on conversion.

By using DPO as your online payment gateway, OpenCart stores can effortlessly accept online payments, and offer multiple payment methods with one solution.

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What are the benefits of using OpenCart for eCommerce?

  • OpenCart is not only a free, complete open source, e-commerce solution but also lets you launch your online store, add/manage your products, let your customers use buy from a shopping cart. OpenCart basically delivers all the standard online store functionality you might need. It gives you total control to modify the platform however you see fit. They also give you lifetime free support and free software updates.
  • Talk user management? OpenCart gives you the power you to set advanced user privileges and separate access for user groups and users.
  • Want a marketplace? OpenCart gives you a Multi-Store ability to manage multiple stores from one administrator interface. You can set products to appear on different stores. Choose a different theme for each store. Localize store settings. Set per store product prices.
  • Give your products options, attributes since they come in different options. Some feature sizes, while others colors, length, height. No matter the case OpenCart offers a solution on adding extra important product variables.
  • Want to set up an affiliates program? OpenCart has an inbuilt Affiliate system, where affiliates can promote specific products and get paid for this. Set different percentages. Offer different payment options such as cheque, Paypal and a bank transfer.
  • Retailers often have to lower their prices to keep up with their competition, this is where OpenCart comes in with discounts, coupons and specials that helps you cover the most popular ways to get attention and increase sales.
  • Although OpenCart is a solution you can install on your own, it is a platform that comes built but better suited for users or businesses that have some web experience or know their way around the basic website setup and development tasks. However OpenCart is actually quite simple to learn, and the interfaces are very friendly.

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