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Merchants and customers alike will be pleased to know that Direct Pay Online has recently rebranded their mSWIPE+ app to a new and improved payment app – DumaPay.

DumaPay has all of the benefits of mSwipe+, with the addition of exciting new features.

Why DumaPay?

DumaPay is an advanced mobile payment app designed for merchants and their customers. It allows merchants to accept card and mobile money payments safely and securely. Customers can be charged anywhere, and anytime, via a pin & chip card reader.

Merchants working with Direct Pay Online can accept payments in two clicks by using the Quick Pay option within the app, as well as by sending secure online payment links using Email Pay. This allows merchants to continue sending online invoicing even when on the move.

DumaPay also supports a chip & pin card reader, so it can accept EMV card transactions. EMV chip technology ensures a highly secure and reliable transaction. The card reader can be paired to a mobile device using Bluetooth.

What are DumaPay’s new features?

DumaPay is superior to mSwipe+, thanks to some great new features:

·  Faster response time.

The new app is faster and the payment process is quicker than before.

·  Improved user interface.

The app’s user interface has also been improved and is very user-friendly.

·  Duma Wallet (e-wallet)

End-users can use the new app as an e- wallet, allowing them to save their card details for future payments. The e-wallet is safe and secure, as it is PCI DSS level 1 compliant.

·  QR code payment option.

This new and exciting technology means that customers can use their mobile device to scan QR codes and make payments with ease.

DumaPay is an exciting development. For merchants, the app continues to accept multiple payment types securely and promises an even quicker payment process. For customers, the new log in and transaction features, together with the QR code feature, are sure to please.

Click here to download the DumaPay app in Google Play, and start using it, today.